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How is geographic jurisdiction over a body determined? The state of Florida is divided into 24 medical examiner districts. What is an autopsy? An autopsy is an intricate medical procedure in which a body is examined after death. The procedure often includes the performance of laboratory tests, such as toxicology studies. An autopsy typically does not interfere with the final viewing and funeral of the deceased.

Funeral directors prepare a body after autopsy according to the wishes of the family. When is an autopsy necessary? A complete autopsy is most often performed in traumatic or violent deaths gunshot, stabbing, electrocution, burn, poison, fall, drowning, starvation, suffocation, strangulation, etc.

Florida Death Records | Enter a Name to View Florida Death Records Online

Investigation or autopsy is necessary in all traumatic deaths regardless of the duration of survival or hospitalization of the injured person if no complete recovery was made after the injury. An autopsy is not normally performed when the death appears to be from natural causes, adequate medical history exists, and there are no indications of foul play. The medical examiner often receives such cases only because the attending physician is not in Florida and therefore cannot sign a Florida death certificate, or because the person has never been to a physician. Is there a fee for an autopsy?

How to Order Florida Vital Records

If a family desires to have an autopsy performed on the body of an individual whose death does not fall under Medical Examiner jurisdiction, the family may hire a private pathologist to perform the autopsy for a fee determined by that pathologist. Is permission from the next-of-kin required before an autopsy can be performed?

Under Florida state law, a medical examiner is not required to receive permission from the next-of-kin to perform an autopsy in cases in which the death falls under Medical Examiner jurisdiction. Family objections to an autopsy, including religious objections, are handled on a case by case basis so that the statutory duties of the medical examiner, as well as the rights of the deceased and the interests of the public will not be compromised by not performing the autopsy.

Can I give permission for organ donation? Only the legal next-of-kin may grant permission for the donation of organs or tissues of the deceased. In cases falling under Medical Examiner jurisdiction, this permission is requested by the organ procurement agency after consultation with the medical examiner and determination that donation may proceed without compromising the duties of the medical examiner. Arrangements for the funeral and burial or cremation can be made as soon as the family is able to do so.

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Anyone who can pay the small fee can obtain death records. However, the sections on cause of death are not available to the public until the record is at least 50 years old. The Office of Vital Statistics holds marriage, annulment, and divorce records that were filed from June 6, onward.

The county clerk of the courts in the county of interest should be consulted for earlier records. As far back as the s, marriage records were recorded in some counties. The clerk of the courts at the county courthouse should be asked for marriage license application copies. Researchers must fill out standard forms to request that information. Adoption records in Florida are sealed. The adoptee can obtain that information themselves after they reach the age of The Florida Adoption Reunion Registry was started in Applications for the registry can be obtained from the registry or from the Florida Adoption Information Center.

There is a one-time fee to join the registry.

Florida vital Records

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