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For payment of debt service, i.


For a contribution to the Police and Fire Pension Plans, 0. For a contribution for recreation purposes, 0. Current City taxes may hereinafter be paid in not more than four installments. The first installment shall be due on or before February 10 of the tax year, the second installment on or before April 10, the third installment on or before June 10 and the last installment August Any installment not paid on or before the due date shall be deemed delinquent.

There shall be no discount period allowed. The payment of the first installment by a taxpayer before the same becomes delinquent shall conclusively evidence an intention to pay such taxes on the installment plan, as provided by this subsection. Where a taxpayer shall fail to evidence an intention to pay on the installment plan as herein provided, such taxes shall become due and payable and be collected as provided in Subsection A , subject to the discounts and penalties provided thereby.

County Assessment Office Contact Information

No partial payment of any installment shall be accepted. Persons who miss an installment other than the first installment may reinstate their plan by paying the amount of all delinquent installments, plus penalty, and remaining current in the plan. Whenever there is any construction of a building or buildings in the City not otherwise exempt after January 1 of any year and such building is not included in the tax duplicate of the City, the authority responsible for assessments in the City shall, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter , cause to be inspected and reassessed, subject to the right of appeal and adjustment as provided by law, all taxable real estate in the City to which major improvements have been made after January 1 of each year and give notice of such reassessments with 10 days to the Chief Assessor of Dauphin County, the City and the property owner.

Such property shall then be added to the duplicate and shall be taxable for City purposes at the reassessed valuation for the period between July 1 and December 31 of that year. The Chief Assessor of the County of Dauphin shall furnish a certified copy of the additions or revisions to the City, and thereafter the City shall notify the owner of the property of the amount of real estate taxes due the City.

In the event that taxable property in the City is demolished or otherwise devalued during the period between January 1 and June 30 of a given year and the City receives notice of reassessment thereof, such property shall, upon petition by the property owner, be added to the duplicate and shall be taxable for City purposes at the reassessed valuation for the period between July 1 and December 31 of that year.

A single person 65 years of age or older during a calendar year in which the City of Harrisburg real property taxes are due and assessed; or. Married persons in either of the following situations:. Your appraisal will typically set forth an array of comparably sold properties, contemporaneous photos and measurements which will all make the value of the property more understandable, as well as two valuations.

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One valuation will be based on both the real and potential income of the property and the second should be based on the cost to build a similar building. Using these two valuation methods, the appraiser will arrive at a median property value.

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Appraisers can also provide an explanation of the differences between the subject and comparable properties and what those differences mean toward the value of the property being appealed. The value of residential properties is often determined by neighborhood, structure, size and similarity of design. You should request that the appraiser attend your assessment appeal so that he or she can answer questions from the Board of Assessment Appeals and the County Assessor regarding the appraisal.

The decision on your appeal is made by a county-based Board of Assessment Appeals. It is critical to be familiar with the rules that are in effect in the county in which your appeal is filed.

How do you calculate what you'll pay in property taxes?

In smaller counties, it is common that county commissioners also serve on the assessment appeals board. Otherwise, the members of the Board of Assessment Appeals are an independent body, appointed by the county commissioners. The decision of the Board is either rendered at the conclusion of the hearing, or in more complicated cases, within a matter of weeks. Some Boards of Appeal defer announcing their decisions until they meet privately at the conclusion of all hearings.

Derry Township Tax Office

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your hearing, you may appeal the decision of the Board to the county Court of Common Pleas. It is here where we strongly advise that you engage a licensed attorney familiar with the required procedures. Most tax appeals do not warrant further judicial proceedings, but when they do, it is best to engage a professional that knows the ropes.

If you are frustrated with your current property taxes the best course of action is not to wait for the slow wheels of government. Rather, consider filing an assessment appeal. The real estate tax assessment appeals process is relatively simple and a great way to take control of your tax liability going forward.

A successful appeal can save you money for years to come. Michael L. Steven M.

Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Genealogy Guide

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