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Couples in a common law marriage who move to Arizona from the following states will have their marriage recognized by the state of Arizona:. All states, including Arizona, recognize common law marriages that were first created in these states that allow the marriage arrangement. If you have more questions about common law marriage, or other marital topics in the state of Arizona, contact the family law team at JacksonWhite to schedule your family law consultation.

Attorney Tim Durkin can help provide the counsel and assistance you need to ensure a positive outcome for your marital matters. Common Law Marriage in Arizona.

If you do not have a social security number, you must indicate so on the form. Please note that missing or illegible information will prevent us from issuing a marriage license.

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A copy of a valid driver's license, passport, or other appropriate identification for both applicants must be included with this application. When the Marriage License by Mail Application form has been completed, mail it to:.

Clerk's Office - Marriage Licenses FAQ's

You may also use this completed application form to apply in person. Both applicants must be present when applying in person.

This can be done at the following locations: Clerk of Superior Court E. Spring St. Once payment has been received, we will issue your marriage license and mail it to you. It is important that we have your current mailing address and telephone number at all times.