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The guides were printed and distributed to each institutional social service department and to the State Parole Board through the Office of Transitional Services. The design and printing of the Camden County Smart Book was supported through various federal and state grant sources.

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The guides were printed and distributed to each DOC social service department and to the parole office. The guides were printed and distributed to each DOC social service department, Union County jail and to the parole office.

Middlesex county nj jail inmate search ma

There are usually many questions about the rules and regulations governing the operation of the New Jersey Department of Corrections NJDOC that relatives and friends want answered. The guide was developed under the premise that when people have information, they are better able to handle new experiences and make informed choices. What About Me?

When a Parent Goes to Prison A guide to discussing your incarceration with your children Many of the men and women currently incarcerated are parents of children under the age of It is estimated that 1. Approximately ten million, or one in eight children, have experienced parental incarceration at some point of their lives.

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The link between generations is so strong, that half of all juveniles in custody had a father, mother, or other close relative who has been in jail or prison. The What About Me guide is designed to help children, and families and caregivers, who have a mother, father, or close family member who is incarcerated. It was a new, bold venture unlike any other in the State of New Jersey.

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  • The purpose of the program is to give qualified, properly motivated drug dependent people at the county jail a chance at life by taking the valuable hours, days, weeks and months where the inmates lives are basically on hold and give them an opportunity to get their lives back on track. ASAP has paid rich dividends in its short existence, not only to the residents of the program, but to the community as well.

    There are now over one hundred and fifty graduates of ASAP.

    Many of the program's graduates are out in the workforce receiving a paycheck, supporting their dependents and paying taxes rather than being a drain on society by being incarcerated in the county jail. The program has been fortunate to receive a substantial grant from the Rober Wood Johnson Foundation that has kept the program going.

    A counselor for the women's section of the jail is being planned.