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Never been so satisfied and happy. You were that cool, baby. I miss you so bad. I love you so much and I carry as much of you I can. I hope to see you. Not a day goes by hes not on my mind.

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Losing him has left a hole in our lives that is beyond repair. Losing him has been the driving force in my life to help others. If we can save one person, one family…. Until then though, we must manage without him. This is one of those things. I would have given my last breath to save him, without question. I love you Shayne. This message is for Lugh Shelley. You were such a kind hearted, caring guy and I will never forget you. You will always me my first love who taught me so much. I am looking forward the day we meet again, I miss your giggle more than anything.

My father died of an overdose from heroin in April of he was I myself was 27 and in prison from my own addiction to heroin. My dad has been the biggest insperation in my life and he is who keeps me going and to remind myself to stay sober. Ive been clean from heroin since July I just want my father to be remembered and know. This is a tribute to my kind and loving Jason C.

Too young to leave this earth but we will meet again in heaven one sweet day. I want to give you a big hug. The beautiful blue butterfly at your grave and beautiful cardinals we see at home remind us of the love you have always shared. Rest in peace Jason.

We love you always. In honor of my son, with the biggest most caring and compassionate heart. He loved to a fault. Always checking on everyone else while he was in such pain inside. I love you more than ever and miss you deeply and painfully every second. Your son is beautiful, I pray he has a heart as full as yours. No words will ever do you justice. Love and miss you every day, Brandon. Bobby, Jason, Matt and Jesse. Rest easy. Help to keep us all safe. May our loved one rest in heaven.

I love you jay with all of my heart. To my son, my angel in heaven. On May 11 , the day you left you took my heart with you. Mom loves you more then life itself. She suffered from substance abuse disorder. Melissa fought hard over Melissa had a beautiful heart and loved dancing, laughing, her pet bunny, and the beach; She helped many of her friends through their life problems. She was a smart young woman, had only 1 semester to go for her BA in Psychology, had a great sense of humor, and was always there to help her friends through their problems. She cared very deeply for those she loved.

She taught me alot about being kinder, and not taking things quite so seriously. I miss you so much, Baby. This world was never meant for one as Beautiful as You. Andy, you lived with your heart bared. You gave who you were openly and freely and I understand how the traumas you endured led you down this path. I wish I knew you better. I wish you had to struggle less in this life. You were flawed, like all humans, but when you got things right, you lived life like a shining and glorious star bursting through the cloudy black night sky to twinkle on earth and bring a little warmth and perspective to the world.

You were terribly real and I miss you. You will never be forgotten Amy and Julie…both of my sisters are together now, and at peace. Miss you! We miss you and love you so much. I pray that more people learn and understand more about the disease and treatment so other lives can be saved. Love Mom. Love and miss you always xxxx. My brother died from a long life of drugs and died at 50 I hope that young people to never start using because it becames a family disease and no one wants this, now I have two brothers gone. On drug awareness day today like every day I miss my son Patrick who I lost through addiction.

My son Jacob died from a heroin overdose November 19, He was an elite athlete who suffered a broken neck at 14 and was prescribed Morphine. He stayed clean most of the time, but struggled with the effects of addiction from the injury till his death. He was a good son and a good man. He is missed by many…. My brother was involved in a terrible car crash exactly on August 31, David passed away on February 10, June 14, you did what I knew was coming. You lived for one month but were not the same. July 15, you took your last breath. Luv and I miss you so much.

Badu my love. My younger brother Mark passed away April 26th , at the young age of 42, unfortunately from overdose on prescribed opioids, Rest in peace my brother, we will meet again on the other side. Paul-Your beautiful soul left this world too soon. May we all work to be kinder and more compassionate to one another. I regret that I could not be the person you needed when you needed someone the most. Rest in freedom and peace. This must STOP. Not one more.

For my son, Matthew Knierim, only 20 years old when he passed on Oct. He will forever be missed and loved! Remembering my Dad Jay today. We lost him when I was 18 years old. He spent his life battling addiction. He overcame it many times but unfortunately the struggle became too much. Coming up on 2 years this October, each day we all take a moment to remember our dear joe. He never had a scare, or a second chance, he had no idea the troubles he was getting into or how serious the problem was.

My husband, Tim, overdosed right in front of my eyes and I had no idea. He went to bed and never woke up. I will never ever forget him. I will never forget him! Its been 5yrs since we lost our beautiful daughter Carley. To overdose with fentanyl. Our lives will never be the same, without you.

I lost my mother, Florence, back on May 13th, , after a brief battle in hospital, which followed her suffering a sudden accidental overdose of Tylenol Arthritis Pain tablets. I still miss her, and I always will, Forever Rest In Peace Mom, until we meet again in heaven or that other magical spiritual place.

My daughter Shannon, forever 31, passed in March Was not an overdose but sepsis and endocarditis due to IV drug use. Addiction kills in more ways than one. We miss her very much, she was a beautiful soul. I love you my girl. My son Casey Herrick Ward Failed for lack of knowledge on drug addiction and treatment. As his mother, I gave up on him before he gave up on himself. I will forever live with all the feelings that come with this. If only I stayed stronger Casey…… I am so so so sorry. I will miss you forever. You, Casey Herrick Ward, are the best person I will have ever known.

All my love and thoughts until I join you. Educate……… lives can be saved! I cant wait see when I get there. I found my son, Eric, dead of an overdose on Thursday, August 22, and my daughter on May 6, Two in three months. With the greatest love, I remember my husband, Kim Wendling. You struggled so hard and fought as best you could.

You finally have the peace you so desperately sought. Fly free, my darling…. I had the unfortunate responsibility of reviving my friend Kevin when he overdosed. It took 6 vials of naloxone to bring him back. I also realized that all the CPR training I had taken had not prepared me for such a sudden and immediate emergency. He died 3 months later from another overdose while he was alone with no one to help him. I myself have gone through withdrawal many times and have overdosed.

I have a cookie jar in my kitchen stuffed with naloxone kits which I hope I will never have to use again. RIP Kevin. He is forever 27, forever missed, forever loved, and forever my baby. My heart is shattered and my soul is broken. But I have faith that I will see him again. Rest In Heaven where you are free from the pain. Jordan fought so hard to battle all his demons of homelessness, depression, schizophrenia and drugs but in the end they were all just too much for him. You were so kind to everyone and had nothing but whatever you had you would give it to someone else if they needed it.

I miss you everyday. I watch the Red Maple planted in your honour, grow it the memorial garden we have started for you. I knew you struggled daily with alcohol but had no idea that you also battled opioid addiction. When you relapsed so soon after 2 months in rehabilitation, I was stunned. I had no idea how to help you.

I feel such guilt and shame that you died alone in your basement with a naloxone kit three feet from you. You were such an awesome son, brother and friend to so many. You had the kindest heart I have ever known. I will love and treasure the fact that you were a part of my life for 30 years and hope you are finally at peace in the spiritual world. Our 29 year old son died from an overdose less than 2 years ago.

He left behind two beautiful children, who miss his voice and seeing his face everyday. It breaks my heart. I thought as a mother I could make a difference, that he would listen and do what I said.

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I was wrong. I love him and think about him every single day. The reality of him being gone is beyond words. I love you Justin more than you will ever know and I will always have you in my heart. Jake alexander graves, was my son who passed away from overdose of fentanyl on the morning of April 1, I found him on the bathroom floor of our home and was only minutes too late. Its been difficult for his mother and I as well as his surviving sister. Its hard to believe after surviving a year of combat in Iraq, that his life would be ended by a pill…..

My baby sister. This life is devoid of all happiness since you left. I think of you everyday. My tribute is to my daughter father who overdose on morphine.

He passed away on March 23, His illness was cirrhosis to the liver. He was going thru depression.

Mia Farrow

My daughter misses her dad alot. My mother was not the only victim. This negligence also affect my siblings and I and made our childhood very traumatic. Trauma that we are still dealing with today. I recently completed a suicide first aid course during which we shown a line graph of male and female suicides over the past years in Australia. There was a very significant spike in both female and male in the late 60s. We presumed it was a result of the Vietnam War.

It was due to the over prescribing of Barbiturates??? Now its Opiates?? I would like to start a campaign in my mothers name to address this.. Can you help?? My life is not the same without you. I could always call you and you would just listen and then make sure you checked on me. Your missed and loved Jay!!

Love ya. Our life together had been a hard life. We had some bad years in the beginning and some bad years in the end, but the in-between years were the greatest of our lives. Watching our children grow, spending quality time with each other, enjoying life together. Being in love with someone with an addiction is a life I would not wish on anyone else. It has made me who I am today. I am a strong woman, who has learned to lean on God, family, and friends in all parts of this life I have been given.

William L Johnson Sr. March 18th, to December 19th, I lost my wife to a heroin overdose in I was getting out of federal prison 4 months after her death. At first I was pissed off at her. Our precious son, Tony, who we love so very much passed on October 16, He was 26 years old and was the most caring, generous, protective, loyal, compassionate and loving child a parent could ask for. Tony has a great sense of humor, is handsome, athletic, popular and girls loved him since the tender age of 4.

We would tease him that if we had a dollar for every girl who wanted to marry him we could put him through college! We love joking around with him. We love you so much, Tony. We are not ok and every moment without our son is a struggle for us. We are helping others with funding for transitional living, which is so important in the process of recovery. They should not be looked down upon or disrespected. We need to reach out and help them the same as any person with a health disease. To every person struggling with addiction we love you and our hearts break for you and your families and loved ones.

For every parent who has lost a child to this terrible disease, there are no words We can say to comfort you but we can say we understand as parents how you feel. We are supposed to pass before our precious children and as a parent to have our babies go before us is an unbearable pain that something only another parent who has lost a child can understand.

Although, people think we are all ok , we as parents know that nobody understands this unbearable pain we live every day. This message comes with much love to all those suffering with addiction and their families, especially those parents who have lost a child or children from this disease. We will continue to fight this evil and WE ALL will make a difference to put an end to the stigma and to help those in need of recovery.

And much love to our precious son, Tony. Our first baby who we love more than life itself. Our son, Our joy, our life. Dennis, I miss you every day. I am thankful for the messages you send to me. As we approach another year without you, my heart aches. I hope you are in peace now. We are ok. Love your big sister. My year old son and only child was on the autistic spectrum. Sadly, he tried Meth which was mixed with Fentanyl and it killed him.

I write that he was on the autistic spectrum because there is a misconception that people on the spectrum do not engage in substance use. Elias leaves a legacy of love, kindness and exuberance. His 27 year old body is dead, but his soul will live forever! Alex was a deeply compassionate professional child advocate. He was steadfast in overcoming the genetic anomaly called Pierre Robin Syndrome. Alex was also adventurous and taught ESL in grades in northern Spain.

He was extraordinarily sociable and had friends from different socioeconomic levels and cultural backgrounds. In a few months, we will host a celebration of life as a kickoff to the Alex Buzzi Foundation. The purpose of this celebration is to commemorate the life of Alex Buzzi and to raise money for the foundation that bears his name. It is our hope that the Alex Buzzi Foundation will donate money to organizations which help individuals and families who struggle with the effects of substance abuse.

To my daughter, a warrior and fighter, a hilarious girl, a friend and a love. You were so very loved, and you are so very missed. My beautiful firstborn child, Parker Fenton, died of a methadone overdose on October 14th, He was so full of energy, so funny, so smart, so caring, and so generous!!

He left behind me, his mom, and his stepdad, his father, and three younger siblings. Our lives have forever been scarred and none of us will ever be the same! We are ALL better for having known and loved that beautiful crazy kid!! Your suffering is over, and now we deal with the pain you experienced each day. Died 31 Oct Katie, never in my darkest dreams could I envision anything being stronger than your amazing will.

But, heroin was and it shattered your life, ripping you out of our lives, leaving a jagged-edged, black chasm of endless depth next to which we attempt to rebuild our lives without you. With heart and soul shredded, we can only keep the memories of you alive. You were amazingly witty and kind, very beautiful and wise, tremendously empathic and sensitive. An artist in every way. You made me laugh AND cry more than any other person, dear, beloved daughter. You are forever 21, Katherine Antonia Steinman. Your mother, father and big sister grieve for you daily. We miss you more than words can express.

In the short 25 years you were here you touched so many. Your smile, your laugh, your compassion for others. Thank you for the sweet memories of your life as a child to a grown man. I will hold them close to my heart forever. I miss you every minute of every day and will always love you my sweet son.

Until I hold you again…. Love Maaaammma. He was a kind sensitive young man who I believe with all my heart had a pure heart and not a negative bone in his body. He was a son, a brother, a grandson, cousin and a good friend. His faithful best friend best buddy Burly his rescue dog has now joined him on July 23, Dawson was a college graduate with a whole lot of life ahead of him and we not only mourn his loss we mourn what could have been, his lost potential.

We will see you soon my beloved son and each day I live on this earth I count as a day closer to reuniting with you. I lost the love of my life to heroin. Dave was a beautiful soul that didnt deserve the way he died. I pray for all the addicts that are still struggling and the ones in recovery. I love you Dave. My beloved and forever cherished son, We hold you in our hearts forever.

Your love of life, your laughter, your support to everyone is remembered, shared and talked about often. We will never, ever forget. A huge chunk of all of us, is gone. We miss you so much and love you to no end. Love you always and forever, your mom. I will always educate to honor you both. No stigma and no shame.

You should be here, enjoying life. I hope you both know how much you are truly loved and missed. Sending hugs to Heaven! Adam, my best friend and love of my life, we lost you too soon. You are so loved and missed. Miss your hugs and your laugh. You fought hard. Your faith and your kindness inspired many.

You will never be forgotten. Love you always. Til I see you again. I lost my precious son Jonathon Lohmeier August 26, from a fentanyl laced Xanax. He struggled with his disease of addiction for many years and we fought hard to free him of it. He was a funny, sensitive, loving, caring son that also struggled with bipolar, depression, adhd and never felt that was worth anything. He was born on the 4th of July and that is one thing he always loved about himself. He loved celebrating his birthday because he knew it was one time he would totally be the center of attention.

He always is and always will be my firecracker. My first born, only son and the very first true love of my life. The hole in my heart will be open and will only be filled when I see him again when my time comes. Thank you for the opportunity to share my son Jonathon with everyone. I will say his name daily. He will not be forgotten. He is always missed and forever loved. Almost 11 months clean. Used twice , the last time fatal. Not sure what my new normal is. Questions will never be answered. Love you Mike! To the precious lives lost we remember you with fondness in our hearts Special lives, precious memories xxx.

Her name is Krista Marie, she was 35 years old and left behind an 8 year old son. I would like to remember her on this day by lighting a candle in her memory, I will be having a gathering of family and friends tomorrow to have a small barbecue in her honor. We will all light a candle in her memory. For my inimitable.

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I miss you all the time, I ache for you every day. Treatment has to improve soon. I campaign for change. But nothing really soothes the gaping wound caused by your absence. I love you to the moon and back. You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday. In remembrance of our beautiful mother who we lost 26 years ago. Mackenzie, I miss you more everyday, I can not believe that I will never be able to hold or hug you ever again. It was not supposed to be this way, you leaving before me.

I hope you know how much I love you and always will. Love Mommy. My precious son, you are so loved and missed every day. I miss your charm, your wit, your heart, I miss you! The pain is gone for you and that is helping to heal my heart. MJ is happy, I promise to love her and take care of her for the rest of her days.

Jordan, I did it! I sent the picture to your parents finally, had to wait for when it felt right and I had no motive. I felt in my heart that that is where it belonged and I have a peace about it. I miss you buddy, More than there are stars. You and Mom are in my thoughts daily as always. I went to your grave and played guitar and harmonica for you Saturday.

Hope you enjoyed it. I feel you did! I wish you were here still at times, yet this world is such a mess Jordan. I feel for kids your age and younger, what will it be like in ten years? God help us. I love you Jordan and count the days till I see you and Mom again. I lost my best friend James to a fentanyl overdose on April 20th, and it still feels like yesterday.

I miss you jim. We will forever miss you in our lives. You are not broken anymore. You are at peace. There are NO words that will heal this emptiness. I hope in time we will be able to celebrate your smile and your compassion and your love. However, her star burned brightly and briefly, and she struggled to maintain the success she earned with Vertigo.

She appeared in a series of lacklustre roles before 'comeback' roles in the Eighties and Nineties. After Vertigo, she struggled to keep up that momentum and took a series of lacklustre parts before a number of 'comeback roles' in the Eighties and Nineties. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Scroll down for video. Share this article Share.

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Olmsted County Sheriff's Office Active Warrants

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