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Please see the description of newspaper indexes that we hold. Divorce records are court records and must be obtained from the appropriate court. Many early records were destroyed, while others may have been rescued by local historical societies. Every county is different. The DAR extracted vital records from early papers. CGS holds films of their extracts births, marriages and deaths , and births only, and Many early vital records were recorded in the Sacramento Bee.

We have this index and can access the newspaper films at Oakland Public Library. We also hold the California Information File microfiche, a state library index to information gleaned from early California newspapers, periodicals, biographies, histories, manuscript collections and pioneer records. Since you will be billed for our time, you may wish to take advantage of the less expensive library lookup services offered by San Francisco Public Library and Oakland Public Library, described on the Internet pages of these libraries.

One is better advised to contact smaller regional libraries in the county for obituaries outside of Oakland. The state library in Sacramento holds films of representative newspapers from throughout the state and will provide a list of researchers on request. However, after most cemeteries were ordered to relocate outside of San Francisco, unless families of the deceased paid for removal and re-interment, only minimal records or no records at all followed removals.

One large public cemetery, City Cemetery, was simply covered over; no records survive from burials there.

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Headstones were read in several cemeteries; these publications are in our library. Many removal records from other cemeteries can be found at Woodlawn, Cypress Lawn and the joint office of the Jewish cemeteries in Colma.

Alameda County Death Records. Public Records, California State

Starting in the early s as cemeteries began to run short of space, many burials took place at one of the many cemeteries in Colma. Most cemeteries, on the other hand, have retained their records. We can search the records nearby cemeteries including Mountain View Cemetery, St. For other cemeteries where the name is known, we can quote you a price or provide you with contact information.

Records of several pre and pre mortuaries are archived at San Francisco Public Library and have been recently digitized by the LDS church. CGS holds copies of these digitizations. Records from a number of funeral homes dating to and later have been archived by a business offshoot of www. Burials conducted by N. Some early funeral homes in Alameda County are still in business and have retained their early records. If undertaking businesses were bought by other firms, the records were generally moved to the new owner. We can search the Alameda County, California, Genealogical Research Guide and redirect you if a funeral home name is known.

Records of naturalizations that took place in non-federal courts have either remained with the court or were transferred to local historical societies. All non-federal court records from San Francisco pre-dating the earthquake and fire were lost. Records created in Northern California dating to before when the INS was formed tend to be minimal.

You can determine where naturalization took place from the Great Registers, which are voting registers. Copies are scattered, but most surviving registers are at the state library in Sacramento. CGS holds a copy of abstracts of the Great Register for the entire state, as well as for San Francisco and several other counties. We also have films of the San Francisco Great Registers for three more early years and can access the extract of California foreign-born voters and the San Francisco publication.

Departure lists have never been kept. However, many arrivals and some departures were published in the local papers.

Arrivals for were extracted by Rasmussen. I want to get a headstone for her but need a death certificate for the cemetery office. Follow the instructions below to obtain a certified copy of a California Death Record. Request an authorized death record 2. Fill out the death record request form 3.

Complete the sworn statement form 4. Have your request form notarized 5.


Pay the fee for a certified copy 6. Mail in your form, processing takes weeks. Shirley J Earhart, her son Michael, daughter and friend Kathy were in a car accident coming back from a company picnic in or on I believe Malibu canyon or Kanan Rd. Shirley was flown to weatlake hospital where she died.


I am trying to get more information for her son and daughter. Ron, we are more than happy to assist you with any public information about your friends and family. That being said, you can contact the California Department of Public Health to find out more information about the deceased. I am looking for the death record of Anna Bircher Bellig, b. I do not need a certified copy of it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We are happy to assist you with a California Death Record search.

A good option would be to contact the California Department of Health and requesting the California death record information online or over the phone. You will need to fill out the required fields and provide proof of identification for a certified copy. I am looking for an obituary or death certificate for my great-great grandfather, Frank Ellsworth Bingham.

Alameda County, CA Vital Records

Can anyone help me? I can find his find a grave but nothing else. Thank you Jamie. They are the managing state agency in California for vital records which includes death records, marriage records and birth records. Their phone number is California death certificates do not typically show the place of burial however there are resources, such as FindAGrave. This death record is very old so not many public record repositories will have this information available.

Dujuan Armstrong death: Alameda County Sheriff releases body camera video

He is buried in San Gabriel cemetery, Pasadena. I want to see cause of death as I am working on family tree. You can also contact the California Department of Public Health and inquire about getting a copy of this death certificate. They are the managing state agency for California death records. Please be aware that the information obtained using SearchQuarry.

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  • California Death Records Search In California , the California Department of Public Health is responsible for maintaining and issuing the official record of all deaths that occur in the state of California. To make a mail request for the record you need, complete and send the aforementioned application along with a sworn statement, a self-addressed envelope, and a pay order or check for the fee to: California Department of Public Health Vital Records — MS P.