Where is the vehicle identification number for 59 cadillac located


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What I see first is a "G" but I could be wrong. Thanks all.

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Joined Aug 16, Do you have the Title? VIN should be on there as well. Post some pictures of your car and experts on here will tell you real quick if it is a Calais or Deville. Joined May 16, I have the same issue with my I was able to check it before I bought it bit it was hard to read.. Then a shop tried to 'clean' it when they tried to inspect it and now it is very hard to read. You say the engine has been replaced, what about the trans?

It is on the case of the transmission. On the Left side if I remember correctly. If not, it is stamped on the frame, somewhere. I was never able to find out where tho. Good luck. Joined May 27, It will be hard to find and difficult to access as that was the intention. For the body they typically hid them behind heater box and under cowl panel trim. These were stamped when the body came over to the final assembly and before they started to add trim and components.

These were put there for law enforcement and insurance investigators to be able to prove the authenticity of a vehicle in the courts. Hey thanks for the info. The transmission has been swapped as well for turbo.


Where exactly are the hidden VINs again?? Until the cowl trim plate? So if I remove a rivet, I could see the stamped vin directly under the plate that says "body by fisher"?? Joined Mar 18, Go to tis website, download the free info on you year and in the vehicle specifications, they list alt. VIN locations. Join the discussion.

Continue with Facebook. Those are compression reliefs, not valve reliefs. The Dish is shaped something like a figure 8 or 'squashed peanut', and is sometimes described as 2 overlapping round dishes. In the compression was dropped to 8.

The model introduced the new large chamber heads, and the 8. The '74 sported a unique true flattop piston. This '74 piston has no swirl chamber, no valve reliefs, not even the 8cc depression of the ''76 piston round dish, approx. Note the ID picture is of the current replacement piston, which has valve reliefs not present on the original.

The Keith Black hypereutectic pistons are available in 3 configurations. There is a D-dish piston that makes 9. There are also various D-dish and flat top style forged pistons out there. The KB pistons generally have the 'KB' logo and part number on the inside of the skirt. Most custom forged pistons have the name of the piston manufacturer on the inside of the skirt, as well.

New & Used Cadillac Dealer in Highland, MI - LaFontaine Cadillac

You cannot interchange and pistons due to the different compression heights. The has a shorter, narrower tip on the skirt than the The and crank is the same stroke as the crank, and is physically interchangeable, but this is not recommended due to balancing and weakness issues. The and crankshafts can usually be identified by a scalloped shape to the flywheel mounting flange. The cylinder head casting numbers can be found in 3 places.

Thieves are stealing vehicles and cloning the VIN numbers costing innocent car buyers their rides

The full 7 digit casting number can be found on the top of the head, between the rocker mounting points. It is not uncommon for this number to be missing. The last 3 digits of the casting number can always be found on the bottom side of the head, in a recess under one fo the center exhaust ports. This recess does not get machined when you surface the head, and hangs out over the lifter valley, so you can read it with a mirror after pulling the intake manifold, if it's not covered with crud.

Be carefull breaking loose the carbon buildup if you plan to use the engine without rebuilding it - that carbon grit you break loose will wreak havoc in the engine bearings, etc. The third place the casting number can be found is on the top of the left driver's fromt, passenger's rear exhaust port. Most heads and a few late heads have the number in this location.

This is another quick way to ID a core as a head number when junkyard hunting, etc. From ''73, the heads were of the 76cc small chamber design. These heads have one of 3 casting numbers.

The ' and ' heads are equipped with built in smog rails, while the ' heads were not. Not all ' and ' heads were drilled for smog rails, if they were installed on a non-smog '70 car, even though the extra material is in the casting. These heads have one of 2 casting numbers ' with smog rails cast in and ' without. While this is technically accurate, it is not actually a good idea for several reasons. For those of you considering power above all else, head flow is extremely important.

Cadillac Eldorado

Other head choice considerations include compression ratio choice. There is no off the shelf high compression piston over , in production at this time, for the cc heads. As for flow, the 76cc and cc heads flow within a few percent all 5 castings with stock valves and no port work. The ' heads flow significantly less.